Frequent, Occasional, Rare, Unkown
Mixed Media, 2012
Archival print, 33 x 48.25 cm (13 x 19in.)
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Frequent occasional rare unknown, 2012, mixed media, by Claudia Weber

In the series, ‘Frequent, Occasional, Rare, Unknown,’ I provoke a collapse of the temporality of the exhibition space, a gallery occupying the former site of an unlicensed and under-stocked pharmacy, through the representation of medicinal substances for the head, eyes, and heart, organs that suggest the embodied nature of aesthetic response.

The work was created for the exhibition 'Addition to the Preceding' at Inés Barrenechea Gallery, Madrid, and curated by The Notary Public.

Contributing artists: Agnes Lux, Ben Schumacher, Jo-ey Tang, Claudia Weber, as well as Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond d’Alembert.