The Inquisitive Stage II (Firth Studio / MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH)
Archival Prints, 2011
Dimensions variable
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Claudia Weber - Firth

'The Inquisitive Stage II' documents a sculptural arrangement that was installed in my studio, a transformational agglomeration that forms an ongoing project with an unkown ending. Inspiration for this work came from Andre Breton‘s wall – a complex, cluttered arrangement in his apartment that featured just a fraction of his extensive collection of artworks and intriguing objects. Impressed by Breton‘s specific point of view and the personalized way he selected and arranged his treasures, I desired to create a similar arrangement on my own terms, utilizing banal materials in place of unique, aesthetic, or sentimental possessions.
Just as Breton‘s wall was more than an abstract, formal configuration, I view my own evolving bricolage as an experimental platform that encourages potential poetic as well as political readings of assorted scraps of material – ranging from the bottom of a container of chocolates to a chip from a granite countertop. Furthermore, in adding to, removing from, and altering the set-up, I reflect upon different strategies of collection and presentation, issues that extend to the documentary photographs that accompany the set-up and permanently preserve the otherwise temporary and mutable conditions of the sculpture, in both its macro- and microcosms.

"The Inquisitive Stage II" was realized in the Firth studio at the MacDowell Colony between October and November, 2011.