Oyster Perpetual
Archival ink on adhesive vinyl, 51.5 x 63 in, 2016

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claudia weber rolex oyster perpetual art time window

Tick: a tooth of the escape wheel locks against one of the pallets of the lever. Then, released by the sweep of the oscillator, the pallet fork lets the wheel “escape,” until it locks against the second pallet of the lever: Tock. The pallet fork continues its infinite pendular beat against the oblique teeth of the escape wheel precisely 28,800 times every hour – 14,400 ticks and 14,400 tocks. That‘s 250 million times a year, executed in near silence.

This rhythmic inner motion is mirrored by the slower, back-and-forth passage of the objects themselves. During the day they perform as display models. At night, released from their duty, they still keep working. Perpetual movement is built into their core existence. Concurrently the emptied display shifts the focus from time to space, and from figure to ground: an imposing architectonic landscape that—evoking temple, monument, or tomb—materializes the confluence of time and ideology.

On December 6th, 2015, at 7:12:02 pm EST, one precision tool documented the absence of another. Several weeks later, the printed images were sent across time zones to different locations within the United States, to become another display’s display.

- Claudia Weber