Sterling Music Room
Salon and exhibition space in the artist's apartment
April - December 2016
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Sterling Music Room - An experimental salon and exhibition venue

Sterling Music Room was a living room turned salon, exhibition and performance space, guest room, etc. in the artist's Brooklyn apartment. While this project drew inspiration from many places, at its heart it was a response to the rising rents and current luxurification of New York City. Through planned events as well as chance encounters, Sterling Music Room examined the possibilities and poetics of a critical and engaged domesticity under the conditions of late capitalism.

Participants included:
Nawaaz Ahmed (writer), Bonnie Begusch (artist), Mark Boswell (filmmaker / storyteller), Zachary Fabri (artist / performer), Eliza Hornig (writer), Oliver Husain (artist / filmmaker), Joyce Kim (artist), Joanna Kotze (choreographer / performer), Jason Lazarus (artist), lumberob and dan (performers), Rick Myers (artist), Jeff Sims (artist), Tyler Wayne Smith (countertenor) + Chelsea Musica (Chamber Ensemble), Jo-ey Tang (artist / curator), Total Effekt (Aron Kullander-Östling, Stina Löfgren, Pål Rodenius - designers/illustrators/artists), Vier5 (designers), Steven Zultanski (writer), and many more.


Featured in
Voices in Contemporary Art