Take the Day Off
Mixed Media, 2013/14
Archival print, 111.64 cm x 177.80 cm (44 in. x 70 in.)
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Take the Day Off, photography, Claudia Weber, Nurture Art, Clinique, declaration

'Take the Day Off' is a two-part work that consists of a photograph and a declaration, both of which were created for the exhibition 'One Trace After' at NURTUREart, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Alison Burstein.

Participating artists in the exhibition were Elizabeth Orr, Carlos Reyes, Claudia Weber, and Geo Wyeth.

Based on the title “One Trace After” Alison Burstein asked the participating artists to reconsider and shift their works during the course of the exhibition. I started the show with a large-scale photograph that displayed an assemblage of ephemeral materials, some of which were textile samples that the cosmetic brand Clinique had discarded, and which I had found by chance. They also linked to the historical context of the gallery space which is housed in a former textile factory. I also appropriated the name of one of the company’s signature face creams, called Take the Day Off, for the photograph’s title. Two weeks later, I sent a bike courier to the gallery to deliver a declaration that asked the gallery’s staff to take the title of my work literal, and to take a (paid) day off, thus not only executing the second part of my work but also becoming a direct part in it. The staff members had to make their decision as a group. They accepted, and the gallery was closed for one day.

The unfolding of the exhibition and the staff's response to the declaration were documented on the show's tumblr site One Trace After. A catalog was printed on the occasion of this exhibition.