Trail Mix
Mixed Media, 2012
Archival print, 111.76 x 195,6 cm (44 x 77 in.), bench found on the island
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Claudia Weber, sculpture, photography, site-specific, conceptual, ephemeral, Governors Island, LMCC, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, found object, New York

In ‘Trail Mix,' a panoply of materials are utilized that, in one way or another, are all associated with Governors Island’s past, present, or future. The work directly relinks its photographic and sculptural additions with the architectural elements of the space within as well as outside the building, keeping their associative readings and interpretations in a constant flow.

'Trail Mix' was created for the exhibition Transforming Function, LMCC's Art Center, Governors Island, New York, curated by Melissa Levin and Will Penrose. The show took place from May 26th until September 30th, 2012.

Contributing artists were: John Andrew, Leah Beeferman, Ingrid Burrington, caraballo-farman, Blake Carrington, Kabir Carter, Tim Hutchings, Simone Leigh, Anna Lundh, Esperanza Mayobre, Sarah Oppenheimer, Parallelograms, and Claudia Weber