Vesta's Ghost (1)
Mixed Media, 2011
Exhibition view
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Claudia Weber, sculpture, photography, site-specific, conceptual, private apartment, fireplace, vesta, goddess of fire, Manhattan

'Vesta's Ghost' (1), which appeared as part of an apartment show in New York City, placed an assemblage with photographic and sculptural elements in front of a disused fireplace whose dark void has been inverted through the addition of a white surface. Invoking the ancient Roman goddess of the hearth, the intervention created an unsettled, experimental space that hovered between ritual and decoration, thereby questioning our relationship to the domestic space we occupy.

The work was created for the group show 'Leverage' curated by Jo-ey Tang. Conceived as a two part exhibition the venue took place at the Notary Public in New York (1) and concurrently the Workspace, Los Angeles (2).

Participating artists: Sonja Engelhardt, Luke Stettner, Gustabo Velazquez, Claudia Weber.