Vesta's Ghost (2)
Photography, 2011
Archival print on canvas, 34.3 x 48.3 cm (13.5 x 19 in.), nailed on wall
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Claudia Weber, sculpture, photography, site-specific, conceptual, private apartment, fireplace, vesta, goddess of fire, Manhattan

The companion piece, 'Vesta's Ghost' (2), was shown concurrently at a Los Angeles gallery. This wall-mounted archival print on canvas considers the role of the titular goddess in Roman state religion, wherein selected virgins dedicated to her service were charged with maintaining an eternal flame in her temple. The assemblage documented in the photograph explores the contradiction of sacred fire as both ephemeral and permanent, a transitory element and the traces it leaves behind.

The work was created for the group show 'Leverage' curated by Jo-ey Tang. Conceived as a two part exhibition the venue took place at the Notary Public in New York (1) and concurrently the Workspace, Los Angeles (2).

Participating artists: Sonja Engelhardt, Luke Stettner, Gustabo Velazquez, Claudia Weber.