Wobbly Joe
Mixed Media, 2012
#1 / Archival print , 12.3 in. x 18 in., mounted on birch wood, 12.8 in. x 19 in. x 3/4 in.
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Claudia Weber, sculpture, photography, ephemeral, conceptual, site-specific, mixed media, Dumbo, gentrification, coffee, coffee stores, samples, architecture, showroom, materiality

'Wobbly Joe' was broadly inspired by the material and cultural transformations that have occurred in recent years in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, and specifically by the idea of the home decor showroom – a space that presents an array of samples in a fragmented manner intended to inspire the imaginations of customers preparing to remodel their living spaces. Names and texts attached to such samples often invoke the moods or aspirations that the products are meant to signify.
For the project a variety of materials – from fabrics and stones to coffee grounds and refined sugar – were utilized, placing them into conversation with one another.

'Wobbly Joe' was supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, New York, and realized for the two person exhibition 'Architectural Cream', at the Project Space of the Triangle Arts Association, Brooklyn, NY.