Mixed Media, 2010
Archival prints, tape on wall, screen and window frame, floor sculpture
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Claudia Weber, sculpture, photography, ephemeral, conceptual, site-specific, mixed media, Pace University, Lower Manhattan, group show

'wood-wood' revitalizes the threshold that exists between words, planes and spaces. Using materials that reference the university context of the gallery and integrating the surrounding interior into the work, the installation focuses on notions of friction, disorientation, overlaps and gaps, all companions of the in-between. The results challenge the smooth and seamless transitions of the Fibonacci Spiral that Pace University uses as its logo.

'wood-wood' was conceived for the group show 'Let The Nouns Fool Around' at Peter Fingesten Gallery / Pace University, New York.
Jen Schwarting curated the exhibition. Participating artists were: Melanie Bonajo / Todd Bourret / Ian Pedigo / Nancy Radloff / Claudia Weber / Ben Wolf.