I am a Chicago-based artist who primarily uses photography, text, ephemeral arrangements, and a site-responsive approach to address the reciprocal relationship between the built environment and the status quo. Exploring both physical and digital methods of place-making and the ideological, and often invisible structures on which they rest, my works reframe architectural spaces as living entities that are continuously reshaped by a complex set of economic, political and social demands and failures. Harnessing this perspective, I treat each built structure as a body of the present through which the relationships between the past and future can be actively re-envisioned and alternative propositions be made.


My works have been featured at White Columns, Thierry Goldberg, Lehmann Maupin Gallery, Sunroom at Wave Hill, and Momenta Art, among other venues in New York. I also have shown nationally and internationally including at Mies van der Rohe's McCormick House at Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst (IL), Vox Populi, Philadelphia; Workspace, and Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, both Los Angeles; Inés Barrenechea Gallery, Madrid; Contemporary Art Center, Bretigny; Croxhapox, Ghent; 5533 Space, Istanbul; Gallery Obiger, Kunstraum Bethanien, Loop Gallery, and Stedefreund, all Berlin.

I have been awarded a 1-year New York studio grant by DAAD and the Federal State of Berlin, Germany, a research and travel grant from the Jerome Foundation, a project grant from the Puffin Foundation and most recently a year-long grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. I also have been a fellow at MacDowell, participated in residencies at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council‘s Workspace and Process Space programs, and was invited into a photo residency at Latitude, Chicago. In 2019 I received exhibition support by the Goethe Institut and the BDI for my experimental work at Mies van der Rohe's McCormick House at the Elmhurst Art Museum. The museum has also received funding from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts for Assaf Evron's and my solo exhibitions at the McCormick House.

I am also the founding editor of Plot.online, a platform dedicated to the narrative networks of images.


Project Sites

150 South Cottage Hill Ave - Research and documentation of my stay at Mies van der Rohe's McCormick House, a reseidential home turned house museum (website)

Sterling Music Room - Material collection from a year-long salon in my Brooklyn apartment (website)

Plot.online (editorial website)


Solo / Two Person Exhibitions

  • 2023
  • 'Open House,' Coach House 1 (part of the former Carl Street Studios designed by Edgar Miller, Jesus Torres, and others), Chicago, IL
    • 2019
    • '150 S Cottage Hill Ave,' curated by John McKinnon, two-person exhibition in Mies van der Rohe's McCormick House, Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL
      • 2016
      • 'Oyster Perpetual,' a public art project in shop windows across the US, including Asheville, Detroit, Portland, San Diego, Winter, besides other locations; curated by Dawn Roe (Window:National)
      • 2008
      • 'Private View' with Michael Schultze, Schumacher/Trute, Berlin
      • 2000
      • 'Superposition,' Gallery of the Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822, Frankfurt

      Group Exhibitions

      • 2024
      • 'The Spaces We Call Home,' curated by Marin R. Sullivan, DePaul Art Museum, Chicago, IL (upcoming Sept. 2024)
      • 2018
      • 'After Junkspace,' curated by Danny Floyd, Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, Chicago, IL
      • '100,' Gallery Axel Obiger, Berlin
      • 2017
      • 'Call and Response,' curated by Gabriel de Guzman, Wave Hill, Bronx, New York
      • 2016
      • 'More Than Lovers More Than Friends,' curated by Jo-ey Tang, Futura Project, Prague (CZ)
      • 2015
      • 'Of Gentle Birth,' curated by Jonathan Allan, Repair The World, Brooklyn
      • 2014
      • 'Mr President...,' curated by Jimmy Nuttall, private apartment, Brooklyn
      • 'Abspann,' Gallery Axel Obiger, Berlin
      • 'One Trace After,' curated by Alison Burstein, Nurture Arts, Brooklyn
      • 2008
      • 'Metro Poles,' Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Queens, New York
      • Fair, Stedefreund at Preview, Berlin
      • 'On Produceability,' Young Talents Biennal, Cologne
      • Wharf Road Project, V22, Stedefreund at Wenlock Building, London
      • 'We,' Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, Los Angeles
      • 'On Produceability,' Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam
      • Stedefreund at Art Athina, Athens
      • 'On Produceability,' a project by Alti Aylik and Nüans, ExhibitionSpace 5533, Istanbul
      • 'Settings #3,' Loop - Space for Contemporary Art, Berlin
      • 2007
      • 'According to our Calendar,' Stedefreund, Berlin
      • 'Scheinriesen,' Stedefreund, Berlin
      • 2003
      • 'Ohne Titel,' Kunstherbst, Berlin
      • 'Crosstraining,' curated by Hans Romanov, Star Club, Paris
      • 2002
      • 'Fenstergalerie,' curated by Haegue Yang, Cité des Arts, Paris
      • 'Reich & berühmt,' Video-/Performance-Festival, Podewil, Berlin
      • 'Starter wie Störer,' Foro Artistico, Hannover

      Long-Term Projects

      • 2020
      • 'The Wall Street Project,' an ongoing work including photographic documentation, research, and reflection.
      • thewallstreetproject.net

      Editorial Project

      • Since 2015
      • Founding editor of 'Plot.online,' a platform dedicated to the narrative networks of images; contributions come from a wide array of disciplines.
      • www.plot.online

      Grants / Residencies

      • 2019
      • Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
      • Graham Foundation Exhibition Grant
      • 2017
      • Photography Residency, Latitude, Chicago
      • 2016
      • Process Space Residency, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), New York
      • 2015
      • Project grant from the Puffin Foundation, NJ
      • 2014
      • International Residency Program, NARS, Brooklyn, NY
      • 2003
      • Air-Program, Austrian Federal Chancellery, Vienna
      • 2000
      • Catalogue grant by the Foundation of the Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822, Frankfurt
      • 1998
      • Studio grant by the Foundation of the Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822, Frankfurt


      • 2019
      • Claudia Weber, McCormick House Exquisite Corpse, self-published, Chicago, IL
      • 2017
      • Claudia Weber, Sterling Music Room, self-published, New York, NY
      • 2014
      • Nurture Art, 'One Trace After,' Brooklyn, New York
      • 2011
      • Architecture magazine 'Generalist,' issue #4: Sparen/Savings, Darmstadt (DE)
      • 2010
      • Dings / van Herreweghe / Naudts: A Group show, Ghent (BE)
      • 2006
      • Claudia Weber: Sotheby‘s/Defrost, Berlin
      • 2005
      • Triangle Arts Association: Workshop 2004, New York
      • 2000
      • Claudia Weber: The Work of Claudia Weber, Frankfurt

      Writings / Press / Reviews

      • 2019, March 1st
      • Carrie Shepherd / NPR (WBEZ91.5 Chicago): ‘Artist in Residence Takes New Meaning in New Exhibition‘
      • 2019, Feb. 25th
      • Garrie E. Zidek / WDCB 90.9/90.7 FM: ‘Living in a Museum‘
      • 2014, Jan. 16th
      • Paul DAgostino / L Magazine: ‘Four Art Exhibits You Need to See‘
      • 2011, March 9th
      • Melissa Levin / Culturehall (Feature Issue 64): ‘Constructions‘ (Work review)
      • 2010, Sept. 14th
      • Yves Jansen / De Reactie, Ghent (BE): ‘Dialoog en interactie tussen conceptuele kunstenaars‘ (Group show review)
      • 2010, July 24th
      • Lance Esplund / Wall Street Journal: ‘Beyond Laissez- Faire Summer Fare‘ (Exhibition review)
      • 2008, Oct.
      • Andrew Finegold / Art Book Journal, Volume 15 (UK): ‘Making the Impossible Possible‘ (Book review)
      • 2007, Jan. 05th
      • Sam Jacobs / Strange Harvest, London: ‘Anything to Feel Weightless Again‘ (Book review)
      • 2007, March
      • Markus Frenzl / Design Report (DE): ‘Making the Impossible Possible' (Book review)
      • 2006, Winter
      • Marco Fiedler (Vier5) / Fairy Tale: Fashion and Art Magazine, Paris: ‘Claudia Weber‘ (Interview)
      • 2006, Aug. 30th
      • Meike Jansen / Die Tageszeitung (TAZ), Berlin: ‘Insight #158' (Artist portrait)
      • 2005, March
      • James Wagner / Bloggy, New York: ‘Jennifer Karady and Claudia Weber' (Solo show review)
      • 2001, Feb. 24th
      • Sigrid Scherer / Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ): ‘Wrecked Hotel Rooms and Filigreed Lines‘ (Artist portraits)
      • 2000, Jan. 28th
      • Konstanze Crüwell / FAZ: ‘A Street‘s Swinging Strip by a Fairy‘s Fingertip: Superposition by Claudia Weber‘ (Solo show review)
      • 2000, Jan. 12th
      • Silke Hohmann / Frankfurter Rundschau: ‘Devoted Garlands - Missed Encounters‘ (Solo show review)
      • 2000, Jan. 19th
      • Gabrielle Nicol / Frankfurter Neue Presse: ‘Sidewalks Come to Life through the Medium of Video‘ (Solo show review)


      • Fall 2019
      • Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Art and Art History / Course taught: Graduate Seminar
      • Spring 2017
      • Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Art and Art History (Undergraduate Program) / Course taught: Introduction to Digital Photography
    • Spring 2013
    • Instructor, City College of New York / CUNY, Art Department (Undergraduate Program) / Course taught: Photography and Visual Perception
    • Fall 2012
    • Instructor, City College of New York / CUNY, Art Department (Undergraduate Program) / Course taught: Genres in Photography (Advanced)
    • Spring 2012
    • Instructor, City College of New York / CUNY, Art Department (Undergraduate Program) / Course taught: Photography and Visual Perception

    Talks / Lectures / Workshops

    • 2019
    • International Perspectives: The Bauhaus at 100, a panel discussion with Zvi Efrat, Monica Lopez de Victoria, Darci Pappano, Eric Perterson, and Claudia Weber, moderated by Marilys Nepomechie, at Florida International University / Communication, Architecture and The Arts, Miami, FL. My talk was supported by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
    • Artist talk, Miami International University of Art and Design, supported by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
    • Artist talk, Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL
    • 2015
    • Lecture and Workshop, School of Art at Bowling Green State University, OH
    • 2011
    • City College of New York / CUNY, Art Department
    • 2011
    • Artist Tour, Wave Hill Public Gardens, Bronx, NY
    • 2010
    • Workshop, Wave Hill Public Gardens, Bronx, NY

      Curatorial Activities

      • 2007-8
      • Member and co-organizer of the artist-run exhibition space Stedefreund, Berlin


      Collaborative Publications

      • 2002
      • February Cut-Outs, Map, Berlin/ Amsterdam
      • 2000
      • Map One: Jumps, Map, Berlin/ Amsterdam