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Launched December 2015
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Plot - editorial web project

Plot is an online platform that encourages critical reflection within our current image cultures, in which, as the overall number of images constantly increases, the time we spend looking at individual examples inevitably shrinks. In addition to reflecting on the impact of this dynamic of image production and consumption on our perceptions and thoughts, Plot also examines the abundance of narrative networks, augmented by individual and collective visual memories, that become entangled with this flood of images. While some of these imagistic narratives gain traction and become iconic, many of them just flow by in this ongoing stream, being immediately replaced by new visualizations and associations. As a response to these conditions, Plot offers a flexible platform to explore the multifarious potentials of images and their shifting narratives.

Founding Editor: Claudia Weber
Website Developer / Advisor: Nawaaz Ahmed
Associate Editor: Matt Garite