TWSP (The Wall Street Project) - Working Title

Since 2013 / Photographic documentation
Since 2017 / Development of a larger body of work

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Claudia Weber The Wall Street Project

Working material

My long-term interest in the ever evolving architectural and sculptural artifacts of New York's Financial District began during a ten-month residency hosted by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) in 2009/10. The complexity and wealth of inspiration that the district holds has since become both an obession and a curse.

TWSP is consistent with my interest in the relationship between architecture, art, and the status quo, and also with my approach to re-envision existing spaces, their pasts and ideologies, as well as their imagined futures, directly in relation to a specific site. Yet the vastness of New York's Financial District makes a direct site-responsive work impossible. A move from New York to Chicago has further complicated my relationship to the neighborhood, while giving me new insights due to the many points of connection that exist between the two cities.

I am currently experimenting with different formats to address my accummulating photographic documentation, research, and work ideas. Current propositions include writings (bulletins), photo series, and a variety of exhibition formats, besides other approaches. TWSP is a long-term project and, like the neighborhood to which it responds, it remains a work in progress.

TWSP (formerly known as Share) received a grant from the Puffin Foundation (2015) and support from Latitude, Chicago (2017)