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  • Sept-Dec 2017
  • Call & Response - Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
  • This group exhibition will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wave Hillís Sunroom Project Space, a venue for New York-area artists to exhibit site-specific work in a solo show.


  • Ongoing
  • Share (tentative title) / Phase II
  • Share, the long-term photographic observation of New York's Financial District has moved to its next phase, the development of possible exhibition formats.
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  • Ongoing
  • Sterling Music Room Publication
  • Sterling Music Room (2016) was a living room turned studio, exhibition space and salon in the artist's Brooklyn apartment. While this project drew inspiration from many places, including the transformations of a Rococo period room now in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, at its heart it was a response to the rising rents and current luxurification of New York City. Through planned events as well as chance encounters, Sterling Music Room examined the possibilities and poetics of a critical and engaged domesticity under the conditions of late capitalism. Work on a publication for this project is currently in progress.
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  • April 2017
  • Residency at Latitude, Chicago
  • A one month residency to continue with current projects.

  • March 2017
  • New Contributions for Plot!  
  • Dissatisfied with the way the recent Fearless Girl sculpture in New Yorkís Financial District has dominated this yearís International Womenís Day conversation, and how it has been widely embraced by the public as a symbol of female empowerment, the editors of PLOT are pleased to present a critical response to this corporate advertising stunt by Blake Stimson: Lean In, The Statue.

    We also highly recommend to read Kate Palmer Albers's The Pig and the Algorithm, a thoughtful reflection on computer vision technology and image captioning.

  • September 2016
  • Latest Contributions for Plot!  
  • I am excited to announce the latest contributions by Peter Scott, Barbara Buchmaier & Christine Woditschka, as well as Avi Alpert & Rit Premnath. If you donít want to miss upcoming pieces, subscribe to Plotís mailing list!

  • March - June 2016
  • Process Space Residency, NYC
  • The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council invited me to participate in this 4-months residency program, which will give me time to focus on my current long-term projects.